Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The cycle continues.

Heh.  My boyfriend told me that I have regular and predictable times when I'm affected by the affair.

He was totally right.

I don't feel like including a song, because I'm nearly over this (apparently regularly scheduled) cycle of bad feelings.  But, I did think it was worthwhile to post an update, if for no other reason than to establish the timeline of (what I hope is) recovery and "moving on".

Last week, I started feeling generally shitty and fat and old and pretty much worthless.  Fortunately, I recognized it pretty quickly as residual issues from the affair.  And then, I told my ex about how I was still hurting, and we had a sucky and painful conversation in which he became immediately defensive, and then I bawled, and then he felt bad.  So, sort of like the marriage. 

Anyway, then we went to see Dark Knight last week.  Great, great movie, by the way.  But, there's a certain actress in the movie who looks remarkably like a certain person who a certain ex husband had sex with:

and yeah, it sort of took me by surprise.  Because there were certain scenes where they looked fucking identical. It's interesting how many things come up in life that are reminders of the affair.