Sunday, October 10, 2010

This isn't good.

I need to quit smoking. I just caught my son (he's 5) pretending to "smoke". We constantly talk to him about how bad it is, but we've got to stop.

And that scares me. I'm not sure how to cope with work stress without it. I need ideas. I've added a lot of stress-reduction things to my life (pedicures, meditation, baths, deep breathing), but none of those things do what smoking does, especially when I leave work and I'm ready to rip the car door off of the hinges. Seriously- I get SO frustrated at work sometimes, and there's nothing I can do to change the nature of my job. This is even with all of the positive thinking stuff I've incorporated; without those things, I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now. I'm not joking, and I don't take mental breakdowns seriously.

So, I need suggestions on QUICK and effective things I can do to help chill out when I'm ready to scream and I hate life. Help?


  1. It sounds weird, but does gum work at all for you or is it too close to eating?

  2. Hi Barb, an occasional anti anxiety med? I know you might not want to resort to that but it's better than cigarettes? I am sorry!

  3. Run around the block.
    Do yoga breathing exercises.
    Punching bag?

  4. Gum chewing is probably something I'll pick up again. Same with mints.

    Tricia, I don't think medication is the best course. I've tried it before, and it hasn't really helped enough to warrant continuing with medications.

    CJ, I definitely need to get back into meditation and yoga! Maybe I can get myself a punching bag, or use the one that comes with Wii Sports. :)