Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a week!

Woah. So, since my last post, I have:

*Interviewed for two jobs in the same day

*Received an informal offer for one of the jobs (I accepted)

*Packed for a family of three to travel out of town for the weekend

*Completed a whirlwind tour of the Chicagoland area with said family

*Responded sanely to my negative, looking-to-pick-a-fight father

*Researched and visited private kindergartens in anticipation for the aforementioned new job

*Stayed off of the scale

*Quit running

*Eaten sanely.

The last thing is the big one for me. In that list, I see at least six different sources of mega-stress (dealing with my dad is probably one of the biggest ones, since my inner critic took lessons from him). And still, I didn't eat over any of that. What helped?

1. The CBT Referee app, self-affirmation, and other methods of combatting the inner critic

2. Remembering that I can always eat again when I get hungry

3. Keeping my most important goals (self-acceptance, good mental health) in mind

I guess I'm in a list-making mood tonight. I can say that I'm feeling extremely disorganized and frazzled, what with the upcoming school year and all. It's amazing, though, how much BETTER I am handling all of this than I was before I quit dieting and weighing. There is definitely less internal chatter. Still, I am very tired, and will come back again when I'm feeling more rested!

1 comment:

  1. I like #2. I read that, how simple is that? It really IS that simple. *slaps forehead* Wish you could have pointed this out years ago!

    So proud with how you are handling the multiple stresses that have surfaced. You are on the right path. *hugs*