Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thought of the Day

It is categorically impossible for me to "eat everything in the house". At some point, I won't want to eat anymore.

It's a hard-core munchy day. I'm definitely not limiting my intake to body hunger. And really, I'm FINE with that.

I really wanted to begin running today. This was my solution for the dilemma of wanting to move my body, but NOT wanting to focus on weight loss. Considering the amount of snow that was dumped on the ground, this is probably not the best day to kick it off. And being home today (snow day!) is certainly contributing to my desire to eat. I'm BORED. I feel like being unproductive, and eating is a great way to blow time doing "nothing".

This sort of ties back into the whole concept of undisturbed eating- honoring the process of eating by not allowing distractions (TV, reading, browsing the net). I don't generally like the idea of "doing nothing". And sitting with my food and taking the time to enjoy it feels very uncomfortable and overly indulgent. Some days, it's not that bad- those are also the days where I really enjoy taking long baths. Other days, I don't feel like I "deserve" to have that much time to myself.

I'll bet that I can combat that feeling by making more of an effort to get small things done at home. Right now, I feel like I've just been a slug all day.

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