Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 30-Day Scale-Free Challenge

The owner of http://thistastesterrible.blogspot.com/ (I don't know if you want your name "out there", sorry!) proposed a 30-day challenge- can we stay away from the scale for a month?

That's a great idea. It's a really great idea. I stopped counting calories in February (although my brain is hardwired with the content of foods from a decade of counting...sometimes it happens automatically). I even try to avoid tracking meals in general (with the exception of a very vague journal that I'm keeping in order to learn more about my hunger patterns). The scale is my last holdout; it's the last thing left from my miserable history determining my worth in numbers.

It's funny how I can wake up feeling terrific; maybe even feeling a bit closer to "fit", and after stepping on the scale and seeing a gain, I all of a sudden feel like eating. Or not eating.

It's as if I walk into the bathroom and say, "Okay, scale, tell me how I should feel about myself today." And heaven knows I have enough problems will external things affecting my self-worth.

So, I'm going to put a countdown timer on my blog (if I can figure it out). I won't weight myself for 30 days. I'm anticipating a general improvement in self-worth, body image satisfaction, and overall happiness. Which is strange, because it's just a stupid machine.


  1. I haven't owned a scale in YEARS! i do weigh myself more because of the wiifit and it can feel annoying. I have always heard the BEST marker of any sort of fitness progress is how your clothes fit- with muscle weighing more than fat- it just makes sense to me , so I never bothered to worry about a scale

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  3. Don't mind one bit about my name being out there. :)

    I'm so happy you are going to take this challenge. I do know it is a lot to ask. Amazing how we need to validate our worth by that demonic thing!

    I agree with babyhellfire, better way to gauge loss is by our clothes. Takes awhile for it to process in the brain but with all the support of us in that bathroom with you (I know that sounds creepy!), it can be done. *hugs*

    (sorry about the above deletion, found a typo!)