Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Either a terrible or great day.

It all depends on perspective and where I focus my attention.

I've been feeling really strange today- maybe like I'm having a mild panic attack or like I'm getting sick or something. Basically, I feel physically crummy. And I feel really tired. And I've been on the verge of crying all day and part of yesterday.

I don't know what is going on. It might be because I'm getting sick, or it might be because I haven't smoked in almost 10 days, or it may be something completely different.

And, I've been binging today. Not to the point of utter insanity, but it's certainly a binge. That's part of the "terrible" part of the day.

Now for the great part. There was a point sometime late this afternoon where I involuntarily asked myself, incredulously, "What are you DOING???" And I answered myself, again without thinking, "I'm surviving."

I may not be engaging in picture-perfect eating practices today. But I am caring for myself in the best way that I can at the moment, and I'm being kind and forgiving to myself. That's way more important. I do wish I could figure out what is going on, though.

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