Friday, May 6, 2011

Do I believe what I say?

So, as promised, here is the Facebook post:

:It breaks my heart- seriously, it makes me cry- to see people that I know and love beating themselves up over what they see on the scale or on the tag of their jeans. Folks, you are worth SO much more than a number. Stop reducing yourself to something so insignificant, because your value is immeasurable.:

Actually, that was my post in response to a friend who was lamenting her lack of being "the perfect size". I said to her:

:Um. Well. I hate to tell you, but you ARE perfect. And you're perfect because you are exactly as you are, now. It took me decades to realize that the pursuit of the "perfect size" was turning me into a person that I didn't like...and even when I got to that size, I still wasn't happy with the way that I looked! You're an awesome person, and you're never going to be more (or less) perfect than you are at any point in time. Embrace it.:

IS this what I believe? I believe it for other people. While I am a ridiculously critical person, I'm not judgmental. So, while I may notice that a friend has gained or lost weight, it doesn't change the way I "see" them.

Why don't I see myself as perfect, the way I am? I know that a great deal of it has to do with the way I think others see me. So, I feel "okay" until I think my husband might be grossed out by me. Seriously. Even though I barely notice that he is not as thin as he used to be...I think he's "grossed out" by me!

What makes me so special in my mind that I deserve to be more important (and therefore, held to a higher level of scrutiny) than everyone else?


  1. One of the biggest problems we women have is that we don't love ourselves enough. I struggle with this daily. Thanks for sharing.