Friday, May 13, 2011

Man, I'm getting lazy.

This is something I do not like about the Blogathon: I have to post every day, even if there's not much going on.

So, I was feeling flabby, tired, cranky, and generally dissatisfied with life and with myself today. I mean, I was feeling really foul. I knew that I wanted to get my run training done for today, though, so I dragged myself out the door. Glad I did, because the run helped my mood so much. Got home and did my pushup and situp training, and then finished up with the weight training that I blew off yesterday. It definitely gave me a different way to look at my body. I'm becoming powerful. I'm no bodybuilder, and I'm not running any marathons, but compared to where I was in December, I'm doing really well. And that has nothing to do with the scale.

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