Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogathon Day 1

interestingly, my first day for this blog challenge involves me having a very very long day. I am tired, and I'm not extremely motivated to be writing anything right now. based on something that happened today, I had a question for everyone. or 4 myself. What is the definition of intimacy? And how does it apply to my struggle to find balance in my life? if I have a hard time defining intimacy, does this relate to my inability to figure out what enough is?
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  1. I think intimacy has a general definition of close familiarity, closeness...however, how that is defined person to person may differ. One person's idea of what it means to be close might be different from another person's idea.

    I often joke that I have what I've termed "Instant Intimacy Syndrome"- this is where I immediately get close to someone I meet ... I think this is due to my traveling so much, I realize there is no time to wait 'to get to know people...'...because if you wait too long there might not be an opportunity to know them.