Tuesday, May 3, 2011

::Taps Microphone:: Anyone there?

I feel like I'm hitting "publish post" and sending my thoughts out into a void.

Anyway. So, I'm having the damnedest time trying to get back in touch with my hunger. When I quit eating two weeks ago (thank goodness, that's over), I realized that my hunger does have a bottom. I also have begun to suspect that I tend to eat at the VERY first sign of hunger, not when I'm at a 4-5 on the hunger scale.

Interesting how that pit of despair taught me a useful lesson.

Now...why can't I get that lesson into my head? I am not going to starve if I allow myself to feel hunger. And...I am not going to starve emotionally if I allow myself to feel loneliness.

And the lessons keep on comin'. :)


  1. Paying attention to -- and learning to work with -- hunger is an important step to really thriving in your own skin.

    Many of us don't wait for the signs of hunger at all before we dive in, or we reach for the nearest snack food as soon as the slightest hint of hunger makes itself known.

    Geneen Roth makes some very good points about learning to sit with our feelings and experience the fullness of the present moment -- even if it's unpleasant -- so that we can get a better handle on our own behaviors and understand why we do what we do.

    No, you won't starve if you allow yourself to feel hunger, and you won't starve emotionally if you allow yourself to feel loneliness. KUDOS to you not only for having the courage to look this in the face and get to the bottom of this for yourself, but for having the generosity of spirit to share your discovery and experiences on your blog!

  2. Way to go on the Blogathon! Interesting thoughts. Eating can become such a crutch and yet a master. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and honesty in this!

  3. Hunger, of any kind, seems bottomless until we hit the bottom...the problem is we often try to fill it up with things which do not satisfy. When we fill our hunger with things which do satisfy we are surprised how little it takes to be full.